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Classic Film Poster: Finished Art

This, is, it.

Finally, I got to finish my Raging Bull movie poster redesign after a few weeks and I am very happy about it. My approach to the design was to use the intricacy of typography and the boldness of negative space to give it a modern take on the classic film. I believe that hand-drawing type that spelled out a famous quote from the movie, “You Never Got Me Down, Ray” that formed a head of a bull too worked like a charm for my poster as it was the focal point of the whole thing. I also chose and edited a font that would show the poetic brutality that the movie evoked and also something that would complement the bull’s head design. For my background, I chose not to put any other elements but a texture that I made and put red over it so that it would somehow resemble a boxing ring in the movie and how grungy and bloody it was.

Overall, I think that my design worked great and interpreted the message and feel of the movie very well. It would capture the imagination of the current fans of the movie and captivate new fans to watch and love the movie as well.

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After I was done, I wanted to make a couple of other interpretations to my move poster design. Here’s what I came up with.


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Typographic Innovation

This is a painting by one of the Philippine National  Artisits, Alvaro Jimenez. It is called MABUHAY PILIPINAS (Long Live Philippines) and it is one of many paintings in a series called, “Letras y Figuras” (Letters in Figurs). I chose to post this painting because this was my first time to be exposed to typography when I was in 2nd grade. We had to create something like this with our names and it intrigued me so much and probably gave me the interest in typography. The Letras y Figuras are basically words whose letters are made up of native filipino people doing ordinary and everyday things. I loved the detail and thought that was put into the paintings and they came out very beautiful.

by Lisa Burroughs-Betras

I got this from the Applied Arts magazine October Issue. IT is an art project by Lisa Burrouhgs-Betras and she created letter forms using natural elements that she encountered during a 5 year period. The artworks caught my attention because of the way the texture and contrast gave character and life to the letters. For me, she was very innovating in creating them and using object that have a very nice feel to it. The whole artwork worked very well because it was shot in black and white and it gave it a very dramatic and gave depth to the image and letters themselves.

These are artworks are extremely  interesting. They are created by H-57, apparently a design studio. I love it som much because they created the Star Wars characters with type characters. They are very well done are well thought of. The characters work well as they are used to create the faces. These are two of my favorite artworks simply because they are so cool. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH TYPOGRAPHY!

Typographic Systems

-Bilateral System

For me, this is a bad ad and is very cluttered. There are different typographic systems used but the most prominent one is the system that is along the yellow line on the road. Although it was a clever thing to use the yellow line with the text, the overall feeling still didn’t work because it had no hierarchy and there is no organized grid.

-Random System

This is an ad I saw on the internet and it came to my attention because it used the random typographic system. This is an ad for Koodo mobile and it shows a woman holding a phone. The text is covering up her body and it works well with the ad because it gives it a very casual and spontaneous look. I liked it because the font is interesting too.

-Axial System

The text in this ad uses the axial system which works very well with the image. The image is evenly cropped in squares and it gives a very aligned and organized feel to the whole image. The text that is aligned to the left works well because it follows the lines of the image.

I think that the imagery used and the text on the right side gives a nice feel that complements each other.


Contents page: SUCCESS Magazine December 2009

The text of this page consists of two types of grids, one having blocks of text and the second, being in a list form. There are also two images that are shown. The blocks of text and the bigger picture are the ones I see first and this works well in terms of visual hierarchy because these are the main articles that are in the magazine. The content in the list and the smaller picture however, are about smaller and less significant articles.

The organization of the layout and its design works well with the theme of the magazine which is more in the business theme and its market is more sophisticated.

I think it is well designed and appropriate.

Contents page: VINTAGES magazine March 2010

This is a contents page that I really like. It has an unconventional design and it is very interesting. The visuals are most dominant in this layout as there are huge pictures of the subjects. The hierarchy works well because the main article’s text and image are the largest and the ones on top and the other articles and photos get smaller as they get less significant. It is very appealing to its sophisticated but relaxed audience as it shows the products and there are not a lot of text involved. The design works well because it is very inviting and pleasing to the eyes.

The huge but subtle WELCOME sign on top is a very nice touch too.

Contents page: Renters News magazine June 2010

This page caught my eye because of the header on top which says, “HOW TO USE A MAGAZINE”. I thought it was a cool touch but the amusing thing is that the contents page teaches the color legends of the magazine which shows the places where you can find the renting place. The layout of the text and images are in columns and it is very organized. The design works well with the magazine because people who are looking for apartments and the such have a lot of things on their minds since they are moving. Therefore, they don’t need a cluttered contents page in the magazine which has tons of choices to choose from.

The images used have subtle and relaxed subjects as they want to make the potential clients feel like home.


I wanted to show how GREAT the moblie phone was before. Simply call and text. that’s it. (play a few snake games here and there;> )

I always found the Skype logo very inviting. It was a well-done logo for me. It really shows their “cloud-sky” theme. Color choice was great too.

This logo simply went “Scarface” and took over the world. “The World Is Yours”


This one I found in a TTC bus stop. It was written on one of its its upper ceiling lights, which was kinda cool for me. I have no idea what’s written though.

This one however was etched on the glass of the bus stop. crazy.

I took a photo of this cause it always made me feel like I was in the TV reality show, Big Brother.


If you havent noticed, there are sticker signs along the window frames of a TTC bus URGING the passengers to move back to make room for new passengers. Just love the way the type was written. PLEASE!

Well this one was from a TTC bus too. It just freaks me out sometimes cause it seems like it’s a police yellow line. I wish they put something more “civilian”-friendly.

This is taken from the East York Town Centre where I work. I just found the mall’s logo very creative and how the type was altered to make it into a logo. For me, it really worked well.