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Illustration Research Assignment

The magazine cover I chose was the 2008 TIME magazine cover of the year. It was an illustration about the 2008 presidential elections in which Barack Obama won. I loved the illustration because it was a subtle way to depict the celebration of Obama’s win. It shows how safe and sound America is again now that he is elected. The early morning setting and the moon’s light over the Lincon memorial and the calm water shows how they think America would be. The composition is amazing too and how how it used the “O” in the title to make it the moon and use it as part of the artwork. The metaphor of Obama’s celebration and how the US feels about their new president and showing it this way was very creative and amazing.

I believe the illustrator did an absolutely great job because it showed a feeling of comfort in a nation after a great victory and milestone in their presidential history. I think the glowing “O” somehow stands for Obama, shining over and comforting the United States of America.