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Classic Film Poster: Finished Art

This, is, it.

Finally, I got to finish my Raging Bull movie poster redesign after a few weeks and I am very happy about it. My approach to the design was to use the intricacy of typography and the boldness of negative space to give it a modern take on the classic film. I believe that hand-drawing type that spelled out a famous quote from the movie, “You Never Got Me Down, Ray” that formed a head of a bull too worked like a charm for my poster as it was the focal point of the whole thing. I also chose and edited a font that would show the poetic brutality that the movie evoked and also something that would complement the bull’s head design. For my background, I chose not to put any other elements but a texture that I made and put red over it so that it would somehow resemble a boxing ring in the movie and how grungy and bloody it was.

Overall, I think that my design worked great and interpreted the message and feel of the movie very well. It would capture the imagination of the current fans of the movie and captivate new fans to watch and love the movie as well.

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After I was done, I wanted to make a couple of other interpretations to my move poster design. Here’s what I came up with.


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Classic Film Poster: Presentable Concepts

For my concepts, I worked on two designs that I think that has the greatest potential.
This is the first one I made and it is mainly typography. I used my own type to create an image of a bull spelling out a quote from the movie, “You never got me down, Ray”. I wasn’t able to put color into it yet as I am torn between using black and white (which the movie was filmed on) or to put color in the background. I think my design conveys the emotion that the movie gives very well.

My second concept is an illustration of mine of a raging bull, literally. I think that the simplicity of the use of negative space and the grunginess of the font I used for the font of the movie title works very nicely and balances each other out to give it a nice overall design.


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Project 2 – Postcard series

These are the designs I made for our assignment in creating postcards that give awareness to the human rights violations that the World Bank commits. In creating my designs and pictograms that were featured in each card, I focused on human rights violations regarding pollution, basic human needs like shelter and food and the lack/disregard for the respect to the poor people. I chose the color purple to accent my designs because it symbolizes sorrow, pain and suffering; which the poor are experiencing with what the World Bank is doing.


For my first postcard, I decided to put focus on the problem of the poor’s basic needs. I created a pictogram that showed a poor man in a doghouse eating from a dog bowl. I chose to depict this because this is what like the World Bank is treating them, with no respect.


For my second design, I emphasized the problem of pollution. I created a pictogram which depicts a tree that is made up of oil barrels, smoke and spilled oil. This is basically what kind of forest the Word Bank is creating.


In my third design, I wanted to show how the world bank is favoring more money and profit over the needs  and giving help to the poor. My pictogram shows a businessman from the World Bank stomping on top of the poor man who’s laying on the ground to get more money.

Presentable Concepts: 6 Basketball Icons

For my icon set, I chose to create something about basketball, which I have a lot of knowledge in. For the icons, I created one for each of the different kinds of statistics that a basketball player can have in a game. One for, points, assists, rebounds, steals, blocks and turnovers. I used orange for the basketball and red, blue and white for the rest of the design, which are colors of the NBA logo.

Icon Research

Among the others, an Old Bottle Crowns Icon Set caught my eye. I personally like the whole vintage theme and that’s why it stood out. I saw that they were well created and that the design was well thought of. The icons have a “beat-up” feel to it; the designer used faded colours, scratches all over and some rust here and there which made the whole set unified in terms of design. For its usage, this set would be great for a bottling company of some sort. I believe the icon set projects its design very well.

Rebrand Children’s Aid Foundation: Finished Art

These are the material I made to rebrand the Children’s Aid Foundation.

For the logo, I think I created a better one than the last. I think that the positive aura (an adult leading the child to his/her dream) to the logo worked.I think what also worked was the font I chose, it has a more natural and friendly. I chose this certain blue and red because I wanted to make it more pleasing to the children who will most likely see them very often.

For the advertisements, I think that it had an overall okay look. I just wish that the subject of my photo was better if only I had known sooner that we were going to use it for this certain project. But anyway, I think that the text worked well with the photo and what the content is.

My main goal for the rebrand of the CAF was that to make it look more positive. I wanted to show that the CAF will help the children in need to achieve their goals and not just take pity on them. I think I did a great job in doing so.

Poster Design: Finished Art

For my final poster design, I chose this concept because it clearly shows the District’s vintage and modern theme. I made a couple of noticeable changes from my presentable concepts that really improved my design. First, the position of the header and its typography design, i think it really worked well because I played around with the positioning of the letters and it made a unique arrangement. It added character to the poster. Another thing i changed was my statement. I put a more catchy phrase and put i where it goes with the lines of the buildings and it makes it more interesting.  One more change that worked well was its color scheme. I isolated the reds and made the others in gray scale to put emphasis on the bricks and texture of it which you can find almost all throughout the area. I am really pleased with how the whole poster design came out.