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Classic Film Poster: Finished Art

This, is, it.

Finally, I got to finish my Raging Bull movie poster redesign after a few weeks and I am very happy about it. My approach to the design was to use the intricacy of typography and the boldness of negative space to give it a modern take on the classic film. I believe that hand-drawing type that spelled out a famous quote from the movie, “You Never Got Me Down, Ray” that formed a head of a bull too worked like a charm for my poster as it was the focal point of the whole thing. I also chose and edited a font that would show the poetic brutality that the movieĀ evokedĀ and also something that would complement the bull’s head design. For my background, I chose not to put any other elements but a texture that I made and put red over it so that it would somehow resemble a boxing ring in the movie and how grungy and bloody it was.

Overall, I think that my design worked great and interpreted the message and feel of the movie very well. It would capture the imagination of the current fans of the movie and captivate new fans to watch and love the movie as well.

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After I was done, I wanted to make a couple of other interpretations to my move poster design. Here’s what I came up with.


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Classic Film Poster: Presentable Concepts

For my concepts, I worked on two designs that I think that has the greatest potential.
This is the first one I made and it is mainly typography. I used my own type to create an image of a bull spelling out a quote from the movie, “You never got me down, Ray”. I wasn’t able to put color into it yet as I am torn between using black and white (which the movie was filmed on) or to put color in the background. I think my design conveys the emotion that the movie gives very well.

My second concept is an illustration of mine of a raging bull, literally. I think that the simplicity of the use of negative space and the grunginess of the font I used for the font of the movie title works very nicely and balances each other out to give it a nice overall design.


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Classic Film Poster: Preliminary Roughs

A. For this poster, I wanted to show a very strong scene in the movie wherein Jack LoMatta’s blood is smeared all over the ropes and it was even dripping down. I just wanted to show the ropes with the blood to give focus on it and give it that dramatic and strong feel to it.

B. For this poster, I wanted to show an artistic portrayal of a quote in the movie, “You never got me down, Ray”. I used typography to depict a raging bull and aligned it in the middle to give focus on it.

C. In this poster, I wanted to show a scene in the movie wherein Jake’s training was wiping his back with a sponge but it was so used up that it was already blood that was oozing out of it. I think that this is a scene that will connect to the audience.

D. This poster shows a scene from the move where Jake was imprisoned and he was so angry that he punched and banged the walls with his fists and head. This is a very dramatic scene because it showed his vulnerability and deep emotions.

E. In this poster, I wanted to use negative spaces to depict a raging bull. I wanted it to be simple but striking.

F. For this poster, I wanted to show the transition of Jake’s career from being a fighter to an entertainer/stand up comedian. I also put in a quote from the movie in a typographic system, “Though I can fight, I’d rather recite”, that clearly describes the subject matter. I simply hung his gloves from a mic stand, simple but it clearly tells the story.

G. This poster is pure typography. I wanted to show a quote from the movie, “If you win, you win, If you lose, you still win”, where he gave in to the request of a mobster to sell the fight and lose on purpose.

H. In this poster, I wanted to show how badly Jake beat up an opponent whom Jake’s wife thought was pretty cute. He was a very jealous man and I wanted to show it through his opponent’s face.

I. This is one of the many quotes in the movie but this best describes his boxing career as he was never knocked down by anyone throughout all the years.

J. In this poster, I showed the top view of a boxing ring and I want to put in text the whole speech he did in the dressing room. The speech best describes who he was in his boxing career and entertainment career.