Illustration Research Assignment

The magazine cover I chose was the 2008 TIME magazine cover of the year. It was an illustration about the 2008 presidential elections in which Barack Obama won. I loved the illustration because it was a subtle way to depict the celebration of Obama’s win. It shows how safe and sound America is again now that he is elected. The early morning setting and the moon’s light over the Lincon memorial and the calm water shows how they think America would be. The composition is amazing too and how how it used the “O” in the title to make it the moon and use it as part of the artwork. The metaphor of Obama’s celebration and how the US feels about their new president and showing it this way was very creative and amazing.

I believe the illustrator did an absolutely great job because it showed a feeling of comfort in a nation after a great victory and milestone in their presidential history. I think the glowing “O” somehow stands for Obama, shining over and comforting the United States of America.



Air Canada Annual Report 2012

Click the link for the Full PDF:  John.Dumrique-AnnualReport

New Product Identity and Packaging: ArcticBeats


It was really hard at first when I was thinking of what product to do for this project. Re-marketing a product to appeal to a totally different demographic can sound simple but is actually very tricky as well. I actually got stuck for a couple of days thinking then I stumbled upon my headphones. I immediately thought that headphones could double as earmuffs since winter time just started and it’s getting cold already. I then thought of how mountaineers in extreme cold weather can entertain themselves while climbing, then came the idea of putting them together. Since we were just going to design the packaging and not make the actual product work itself, adding the feature, electronically heated earpieces, was a great idea.  I now had a plan to market these specially heated headphones from just to urban teens to mountain climbing professionals who want to be entertained while still having enough warmth.


Since I was to combine cold weather and heat, I thought of the Yin and Yang, fire and ice. I asked myself, how would I integrate the balanced chinese concept to the package yet make it attractive to mostly north Americans and all the other mountaineers up north. I then thought of using the shape of a mountain. Triangles for me are very sleek and sexy therefore that’s the look I wanted to go for; make it modern and appealing to all ages and genders. The slideshow shows my other ideas for the packaging box.

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As our design teacher, Todd Barsanti, said, “thinking of an idea and building a product in your head is one thing, but building it physically is another”. That’s the challenge I faced when I designed a triangular box that has a cover face that flips open. After researching ways how to make the box, I came up with a simple way to create the box. I made a dieline and created tabs that can be glued together out of a cardboard box. I ended up not really following my plan and just had to tape some pieces together as it would have a cleaner finish to it. While building the main structure, I thought of ideas to add on to the design, such as the mini compartment for the wires and a hook at the back to hold the headphones itself. Building it took a lot of time and thinking but having a strong plan makes it easier to execute even if you come across some problems. The slideshow shows almost the whole process on how I build the box.

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For finishing my packaging design, I had to paint the whole box a matte black to give it a very sleek and sexy look, inside and out.  I had the graphics printed out on sticker paper then I just placed them on the faces. I think having the shape and details of an ice mountain really helped me create this design and I think it really turned out very well.

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Classic Film Poster: Finished Art

This, is, it.

Finally, I got to finish my Raging Bull movie poster redesign after a few weeks and I am very happy about it. My approach to the design was to use the intricacy of typography and the boldness of negative space to give it a modern take on the classic film. I believe that hand-drawing type that spelled out a famous quote from the movie, “You Never Got Me Down, Ray” that formed a head of a bull too worked like a charm for my poster as it was the focal point of the whole thing. I also chose and edited a font that would show the poetic brutality that the movie evoked and also something that would complement the bull’s head design. For my background, I chose not to put any other elements but a texture that I made and put red over it so that it would somehow resemble a boxing ring in the movie and how grungy and bloody it was.

Overall, I think that my design worked great and interpreted the message and feel of the movie very well. It would capture the imagination of the current fans of the movie and captivate new fans to watch and love the movie as well.

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After I was done, I wanted to make a couple of other interpretations to my move poster design. Here’s what I came up with.


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